Yellow Float Foam Wrist Strap-Underwater GoPro/Panasonic/Canon Cameras Phone etc


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  • Comfortable floating strap made of soft durable foam-filled neoprene easily slips onto your wrist
  • Protects your waterproof camera from sinking while you are snorkeling or swimming
  • Floats waterproof cameras up to 7 ounces/200 grams
  • Bright yellow color allows easy retrieval in the dark, easy to spot in the water from far away
This camera floating strap is an essential accessory for your expensive electronic device that will save you money and precious memories.
It serves as a cheap insurance. It fits most cameras and phone cases. You can easily disconnect your camera from the strap.
The bright yellow color makes it easy to spot in the water.
Suitable for waterproof cameras: Coleman: Xtreme C5WP Canon: D10, D20 Nikon: AW1, AW110, AW100, S31, S30 Casio: EXILIM EX-G1 Sony: Cyber-shot DSC-TF1, TX5, TX10, TX20, TX200V Pentax: WG-1, WG-2, Optio W90, W80, W60, W30, W20 Kodak: Sport C123, Playsport Zx5(vi-cam), Playsport Zx3(vi-cam), PlayFull(vi-cam) Fuji: Finepix XP10, XP30, XP50, XP60, XP100, XP150, XP170, XP200, Z33WP, Z70 Panasonic: TS25, TS5, TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4, TS10, TS20 Olympus: TG-630 iHS, TG-2 iHS, Tough 8010, TG-820iHS, TG-810, TG-620 iHS, TG-610, TG-320, TG-310, TG-1iHS, 1050

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