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super clean full frame body.takes great pictures. i am keeping one. excellent  color.comes with new generic battery and charger, shutter count only 12.5 k.


Nikon D3

I purchased this camera for a low light alternative to my Nikon D3X. I live in Kalispell, MT next to Glacier Park and shoot wildlife photography/macro photography. This camera is incredible in low light conditions where I shoot most of my wildlife photography. I was also pleasantly suprised about photo quality when compared to my Nikon D3X (close in picture quality) when I'm shooting with my Nikkor 600mm VR lens. The increased camera speed in burst mode is great for those moments when you are shooting moving subjects. Both cameras exhibit the wonderful Nikon AF system which is incredible, unlike anything I've used before. Build quality is first rate, quality components throughout. The camera is very heavy--maybe a consideration for those who hike; however, since I generally don't have to travel far, this is a non-issue. Battery life per charge to shots taken is unbelievable--I purchased numerous batterys for the D3; however, they generally don't get much use (same as the D3X). Great camera.Read full review...


The Pro Sports Shooter's Indispensable Camera

When Nikon introduced the D3 in 2007, it became an instant hit and was the flagship of the Nikon line. The ability to shoot CLEANLY at incredibly high ISO ratings, and 9 frames per second in full sensor mode and 11 fps in crop sensor mode, and the tank-like construction of this body, made it the "go to" body for Pro Sports Shooters, Photo Journalists, and those of us who needed an absolutely reliable, rugged camera that could reliably and consistently shoot in the worst conditions imaginable.

This body that I bought is in excellent condition and has been put into service immediately and has shot several athletic events, to include Colorado State Wrestling Championships, The Colorado Crush professional Indoor Football team, and several high school basketball games. This body, as expected, ROCKS!.

I am a professional, published, sports photographer shooting for a local newspaper and have just started shooting the Colorado Crush areas football team. As everyone else whose used this camera and its successors (D3s, D4, D4s), I simply love it. There is no down side. To put it in sports terms, Nikon hit the ball out of the park with this one.
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Nikon d3 is no doubt a very good camera. You will not be disappointed.

Well, I work with a professional photographer, and he's kind enough to use his equipment all the time. D3 is the one I shoot with most of the time, and I swear to you, this is one of the best camera money can buy. Keep in mind, this is build for high speed photography, aka sports. What makes it "high speed"? It is the combination of focusing speed+accuracy and frames per second (FPS). Focusing is important, because where the image is focus = where catches the eye's attention, where the highlights is, etc (excluding out of focus on purpose shots). So by having a fast and accurate focusing, the d3 is able to track the moving subject (someone running, dancing, whatever), and gives a sharp focus every time. As in the fps, well frame per second, the number of shots per second. More = more selection for the perfect peak moment. You probably won't need that if you're shooting a wall, but for sports, it can be very useful.

In terms of image quality, some later cameras such as the Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark 3 is probably a bit better, but those are not sports camera, so do not make that comparison, it's only the matter of which one fits your type of photography. For me, it's the D3. Keep in mind, if image quality is what you're looking for, and the fps doesn't matter as much, get the d800 or Canon 5d Mark 3, and some very good lens. If can't afford both good camera and good lens, get the good lens. Good lens, mid/beginner level camera combo will produce a sharper, clearer, more detail image than a pro camera body with cheap lens.

Body is build like a tank with metal construction. People complain about the weight, well get use to it. Sooner or later, you will be using some bigger lens, perhaps something like the 70-200 2.8 (amazing lens). I love the weight, it tells me that it's there. It's substantial, and it also help me stable my shot. It also balance better with bigger lens. Weight is always something you can get used to, a broken camera is def not something you can though.

Oh, if you are thinking about a nikon d3, get it. But to give you a comparison between d3 and d3s, it's very similar with the exception of d3s about 1 f stop better. However, when compare to the d4.... well.... get the d3 or d3s, even if the d4 ever becomes the same price....
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Another level, breaks the boundries held by lesser cameras

I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer. We started with medium format film cameras and progressed to the Fuji S2, Nikon D200, D300, D300s and now the D3. We have been using the D300's for quiet a while and they have served well. I bought the D3 only for the high ISO capability but I had no idea how much better this camera is.

The focus system is much faster and much more accurate. I always use single point focus because the D300 multiple point focus was never as accurate as I demanded. The D3 multiple point focus is incredible. The camera is so accurate that it brings out the pixels because they are so defined so now I need higher resolution!

The mirror reflex is quieter and faster and the trigger is so sensitive and responsive that when you touch it, it is focused and fires instantly. The write speed seems to be faster with RAW, I am pretty sure they use the same system but if I fire 20 shots in a row the D3 is still ready to go and my D300 is still writing.

The camera is significantly heavier but in comparison to the D300 the D300 feels like a toy. I personally am willing to carry the extra weight to get that unique shot so that is not an issue.

Keep in mind that this is full frame so if your lens has a "DX" logo on it you will have to use the D3 in DX mode which is only 5mp. I am so used to not having the side trigger and wheels that I don't think I will ever use them. I personally don't feel that it is awkward to use the camera vertically and use the main trigger and wheels.

For dark situations there is no camera that will focus in the heavy dark. The D3 does NOT have a focus assist beam so you will need a SB800 or 900 to assist you. These two flashes have the option to put out the assist beam only and not fire the flash. I have an SB600 and I just cover the flash area or turn it to 1/64 depending on the situation. I will say that the D3 does focus fast in very dark situations and all it needs is a little contrast to focus, a lot less than the D300.

The additional screen on the bottom is nice giving you easier access to some controls. Also the light meter is oriented on the right side vertically in the view finder so that takes some getting used to vs the D300 and pretty much any other Nikon lower models where it is on the bottom center.

The camera will continuously fire much faster than the D300 but it is too much for my industry. The good thing is you can set the firing speeds for Low Continuous and High Continuous so you can slow it down if you need to.

They say that this is a photojournalist camera and not a portrait camera but I disagree. The portrait industry is moving into a photojournalistic style and we require the same level of speed, quality and reliability that the D3 offers. We are in the business of capturing moments and the D3 will make sure you get them. I bought this camera in 2012 when the D4 has come out and I have no regrets. This camera will separate you from the pack of amateurs claiming to be professionals. I am not saying the camera will make your photographs better than other photographers you still need the skill. So if you have the skill and you feel limited by your camera that is a good sign to upgrade to this tool.
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"NIKON-ZEN" - Well Worth the Higher Cost Compared to other DSLRs

Having started out in film SLRs many years ago and going through the point and shoot digitals, it was such a pleasure to come back to DSLRs again. Picked up a Canon T4i for my teenage son to get him started in the hobby and in the process rediscovered how much I love photography. With the purchase of this camera and lovely Nikon glass to go with it, I guess I am a serious amateur again. This is just a great camera. May not have the latest sensor, the highest resolution, doesn't shoot video and considered heavy by some but does this beauty feel good in your hand. Pressing the shutter on a professional level camera is a zen like experience and this is before you try the high speed mode. Getting great photographs with wide dynamic range and accurate colors without any post processing. I can say that this is money well spent and unlike the iPad that I am typing this on, this camera should serve my needs for a long time to come. Sure, there are and will be newer and "better" products but I will enjoy the time spent with this gem of a camera.Read full review...


Best I've bought from Nikon.

Fantastic pictures in low light, camera is responsive to my every touch, many options to choose from to get different effects from pics; camera is sturdy and gasket protected and instills confidence when handling it. Overall, it's the best camera I've bought from Nikon to date and I highly recommend it to any serious shooter. For those who only tinker, it may be a bit too much as there are so many buttons, dials, and menus to choose from.
I needed a camera that made hard-to-get pics easy to get straight out of the camera with little or minimal software tweaking and compared to others, this one hits the spot. The only downside is that it's heavy and after a few hours of shooting, you know that you've had a workout. Evaluation-wise, it's a 5 out of 5...... perfect score!
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Nikon D3 Body

The Nikon D3 is more camera then I thought it would be - I am extremely impressed with the power of the auto-focus system. I have taken about 300 shots so far and 99% of them are in focus - about 200 were birds on our bird feeder - one was out of focus! the next 100 were of 1,2,, & 3 year old kids playing. again 1 was out of focus. This was not possible with my old camera ( D80 ) The ISO capability of this camera is outstanding as well I have a D50 as well and that was better at high ISO then the D80, but the D3 is in a whole new league! ISO 6400 will be clean is conditions are right. I have taken pictures of my kids at these higher iso's where I would never have been able to get them before.

9 Fps is a cool feature as well, it's blazing fast camera that just gets it done!

There are no excuses with this Nikon SLR!
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The First from Nikon in Pro FX

After decades of using Nikons I have the one body that I have always sought. I have had too many too list but most recent have been D300,600,700 and all were great quality. But when you pick up this beast you know it's a pro model just by it's size and heft. The D singles ie 3,4 and 5 are just in a class by themselves. Yes their are bodies with more bells and whistles,more MP rates and better video. But if what you want is a camera to take great fast action fast focus and never fail the answer is right here . I for one really don't care about all the hype for mirrorless . I have had Oly, Pana , and have a Sony for wife but absolutely don't like EVF just prefer looking through the lens.Read full review...

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awesome product

this is the best digital slr for the money bar none ,I have owned a Fuji fine pix S3 pro from new
for several years now but this D3 is light years ahead of that camera in every way the Nikon is just so fast in every thing has so many more features it was so frustrating waiting for the Fuji
to do things it felt as if you were always waiting for the camera to catch up theres none of that with the Nikon you will miss nothing with this camera 9 frames a second and the fastest auto focus ever and you can do more within the camera to control how your pictures will look it's just the best
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This camera is amazing very sharp, fast and best of all a large range of ISO for those dark lighting situations. Yes there is some noise but nothing a good noiseware program can't fix! The camera is a bit heavy but I was used to the Nikon D2x's weight also is built tough. This is a beast to contend with I'm very pleased with this camera & would recommend anyone who is starting a business with little cash this one camera can help out your photography business! The pixels are so compressed that even in the computer you can magnify an image and still won't see a pixelated photo. I had a d90 was happy with it but doing close magnification on the computer & you'll start to see pixelation city! Well I recommend this camera 100 percent good luck with your D3Read full review...

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