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Metroid: Other M

Product Category : Video Games
UPC : 045496901912
Title : Metroid: Other M
EAN : 0045496901912
Mfr. : Nintendo
Mfr. Part # : 62127
Brand : Nintendo
Number Of Items : 1
Size : One Size
Color : One Color
Release Date : 2010-08-31
Genre : adventure_games
ESRB Rating : Teen
Platform : Wii, Nintendo Wii
List Price (MSRP) : 49.99
Height : 0.6300 inches
Width : 5.3500 inches
Length : 7.3200 inches
Weight : 0.3500 pounds
Condition : New

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Great game, no fatal flaws.

This game is based on the Ninja Gaiden engine and was developed by the same people. That said, it is a fun game but it is nothing like any previous metroid game except for a few key expections: the style and design are spot on-metroid, you CAN NOT skip cinematics!!! and you absolutely must be perfectly still when firing certain weapons and using certain abilities because they require you to point the remote at the screen to view and "lock-on"(required for missile-fire) This may all sound annoying but it's the basis of the game and so easy my 5-year old is pretty proficient yet it presents serious challenges for my experience level as well, which is why we're playing it together : ) Now most of the game you will be running around in 3rd person mode in a 3d, top down view world which uses unique camera perspectives to switch you between relative 2D and fully 3D environments- your primary weapon has auto-aim otherwise you'd have to enter first-person mode for every enemy encounter.(can't move) so you spend alot of time running and gunning down hallways but never once will you shoot a door to open it : ( you can dodge almost every enemy attack by quick-tapping the d-pad at the precise moment of enemy attack (not very precise, susceptible to button-mashing.) Overall the game is well worth it, a solid title. Unfortunately, the story is cheezy and boring. But the gameplay is exciting and uses the many staples of a metroid game (gradual weapon unlocks, bonuses hidden, health, suit, and, weapon upgrades, fun, action-based gameplay with that great metroid shooter edge.Read full review...


Good game! If you're a Metroid fan, this is a sure buy!

There are pros and cons to this game. I along with many others found the story line and voice acting very cheesy and boring at times. I usually enjoy videos, being of Final Fantasy, but some videos were just really long and boring. I also found it very annoying when you are stuck in first-person and have to point out a very small object that you didn't even know you were looking for it. And last of all, I didn't care for the fact that to use your missiles you have to go in to first person and cannot move while doing so and the fact you were required to lock-on to something to make it hit.

With so many cons, how could I give a rating of a "4"? Well, the gameplay overall was great, I thought the gameplay was fast and I personally thought the game was pretty easy (except playing through on "Hard" mode, I didn't get very far until deciding to not continue with that.) Samus' movement was very quick and to jump and shoot and jump again was very responsive. The switch between first and third person was very quick, but it takes time to find your target and lock-on in first-person when you things hit you and you lose focus.

I am a Metroid fan and enjoyed how there were some new innovations to gameplay and such, and thus found the game very fun. It was a bit on the short side for me, but is about the same length as any other Metroid game.
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Metroid: Other M

I got this game because I'm a big Metroid nut. I've played most of the classics and all of the Prime Trilogy. I was really hesitant to buy this game because it wasn't following the Prime method of FPS/Adventure game. So I made sure I got it (shipping included) for less than 30 bucks.

Overall I had a good time with this game. It is made by Team Ninja so, yes, IT'S HARD!!!

I have three gripes about this game, the first is the controls. Seamless switch between first and third person my butt! It breaks gameplay as much as a elephant breaks a living room. If they incorporated the numchuck as movement, then it would be awesome. Second gripe is the horrible voice acting. The last gripe is the, "Wtf, that was the final boss?". It basically finishes the story with a QTE.

I would recommend this game because I did have fun with it. Treat it like a speed run and the fast pace-ed-ness of the game will be a thrill.

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Extremely fun game, great value with only a few problems.

Metroid: Other M is a very fun fast-paced run and gun shooting game. The gameplay is fun and the storyline is engaging. It's an incredibly fun game that will keep you entertained for a while. My only complaints are that the switching to the first-person view during gameplay can be awkward at times, and the actions that you must complete between cutscenes can also be frustrating and interrupts the flow of gameplay. There are times where you cannot proceed unless you look for and "identify" important objects while trapped in first person mode. These "pixel hunts" can be frustrating because the objects are often hard to find. Other than that, this is quite an excellent game, and definitely worth the price I paid. Do not pay $50 for this game, at many places it is going for $20 NEW.Read full review...


amazingly underrated game!

If, like me, you thought the prime trilogy was missing a little something... was perhaps bothered by the movement being "too slow" for a Metroid game... or just want a fresh perspective on the series, I can't recommend this game enough! It takes a lot more influence from the GBA Metroid games (fusion, zero-mission) yet offers the polish and cinematic presentation of no other game in the series!

Many people have whined about the story in this game being a betrayal of the character of Samus Aran... and to those i say: "grow up!".
Seriously, it's like crying about the star-wars prequels because they didn't come out like you had imagined in your head, instead of enjoying them for what they are. For anyone else who doesn't take these things too personally the story in Other M should be a non-issue.

No game is perfect, but the amount of original ideas, both in control (which is fantastic) and in presentation that this new installment brings to the table is in my opinion worth the price of admission alone.

It would really be a shame for this game not to sell well since I think there is a bright future here both for metroid, and for other games with a similar control scheme which I would love to see made more often! This is what Nintendo had in mind in my opinion when they invented the Wii remote - a simple yet deep and engaging way to immerse yourself in the game world like no other method has allowed before.

The fact that you can play as a bad-ass space bounty hunter is just icing on the cake for me!

I'd recommend this game to anyone who owns a Wii and is interested in more traditional games, but with a unique twist. If you think you'd like a game that combines production values of "Resident Evil 4" on the Wii with "Endless Ocean: Blue World" levels of innovation, then I rate it a 9/10! (and if, like me, you're a sucker for originality, you might even go higher than that).

---played the game for approximately twelve hours prior to writing this, and they have been some of my finest in gaming---
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Somewhat innovative but nowhere near Nintendo's best work

Metroid: Other M is not Nintendo's best work. It does have some neat features like an innovative gameplay style and beautifully rendered cinematics, but some elements of the storyline are really corny or otherwise ...well, stupid. Moreover, certain aspects of gameplay make one want to hit one's head against the wall - specifically, what GameFAQs refers to as pixel-hunts, where the game locks you into first-person view and makes you search for some tiny object, usually with little or no clue as to what it is you're looking for. I didn't like that you couldn't unequip items in the game, not that you would ever really need to since they more or less add on to each other, but it's kinda the principle of the thing. I also didn't like that in first-person view, which is required for use of missiles, you're basically a sitting duck.

That said, one thing I liked about it as opposed to the Metroid Prime series is that since you primarily play in the 3rd person perspective, abilities seen in Super Metroid such as wall-jumping have made a return, albeit only on select walls. The game also does much of the aiming for you in the 3rd person view, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences.

Overall, I'd say the gameplay feels most like the 3-D areas of MegaMan X7, as far as auto-aiming and general gameplay go.
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Awesome game for amazing experience and a great value.

i bought the product cause i love the metroid series cause its my favorite game series. i wanted to play the game since it came out for the wii but didnt own one at the time. Overall i think the metroid series is equal to the zelda series.
What i like about the game is that it brings the 2d classic metroid experience and combine with to update standards like the metroid prime trilogy. Also the video cut scenes in the game are awesome especially seeing scenes like the super metroid battle with mother brain and the hatching of the baby metroid from return of samus and give it a 3d life. also didnt take long to get used to the controls since its really easy to understand
dont have any dislikes of the game only the emotional change of seeing samus going from emotionless hero to a crybaby in some scenes but all heroes at a time go through problems. but gains it back at the end of the game. but overall the actors are great.
compare to other metroid games its def. in my top 5 of the series. compare to other wii game its def. in my top 10 that i have played. those the series has beat the halo series from time to time again. i feel like it good have more against halo reached. but overall its a great game but still wont beat the greatest metroid game which is super metroid.
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Classic Metroid style meets Wii.

I preordered this game back in 2010. After having lost the game years back, revisiting it after a $6 purchase is great. The CGI is still beautiful, as are the graphics. This game definitely did justice to the Wii during its blockbuster year.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: salvoap


Samus Ultimate Adventure, a must!

Metroid was always a respectable brand, although Nintendo´s characters games are always a must in your collection. Metroid suffered many changes over the years, but became even better. This version of Metroid took something from all the older versions, in this game you can control Samus from a 2d perspective, and change from it to a Prime-like view. The game combines many styles, and plays along with the history we´ve been seing since the original version (NES).

The artwork, along with the grafics, and the game play makes this version of metroid a must, you wont regret it. (Although you may want to grab the prime collection for wii too, just to get the wii pack together).
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Good Metroid game - but not the best

I've played about 2/3rds of the way through, and the game is good overall. The storyline may put off a lot of Metroid fans, as it puts a "japanime" flair to Samus's background story. Aside from that, the controls take some time getting used to - particularly the first person view mode.

The game does however retain the Metroid feel, looks and sounds very good, and it's pretty lengthy. I recommend it overall.
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