**MINT** Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens — Pancake


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Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 EF Pancake lens

Great Condition.
Works perfectly.
by Top favorable review

Solved my question - which is the best pancake / prime for me on a budget?

So I started with the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and then the Cannon pancake 40mm f/2.8. I love them both as they are much sharper and better in low light than the Canon kit lens 18-55mm. This is an affordable lens option for those who can't afford over $1,000.00 to get into L glass, but want better low light and sharper performance. Draw back, YOU are the zoom. Ha, ha! Primes are great. I highly recommend them. I actually like moving to get into the best shooting frame of my subject. Well, the 40mm and the 50mm are too close to subjects, especially when shooting in doors, which is 90 percent of what I'm doing. So then you have to back up, often times hitting a wall, trying to move back enough to get your desired subject to fit into the frame of the view finder. Then, the 24mm f/2.8 came out. Thought I'd try it and if it did not do the trick, I would just return in it. PERFECT! Did the trick and now this is the lens that is on my camera body all the time. Beautiful low light pics of family time indoors. Thanks Canon for making this prime lens and making it affordable so this dad on a budget could add it to my gear bag. Happy Holidays!!!Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Very Mediocre

Overall very disappointed in this lens. Though the aperture is faster than the standard it lens (18-55 f/3.5-5.6) when shooting fully open the image is quite soft, and the vignetting is pretty pronounced. To get rid of this you have to step it down to the levels of the kit lens. In the end it offers a fixed focal length and near kit lens performance, so why bother purchasing.

Bottom line: Little to no value, as the image is no sharper than the kit lens. Your money is best spent elsewhere.
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Great Value, Great Price!

I shoot with my Canon T3i (APS-C) and I needed something a lot wider than my 50mm 1.8 so I decided to buy this lens after reading tons of reviews. I bought it with Adorama because they were giving a value pack with filters, a cap leash, and cleaning accessories. I received the shipment fairly quickly and am very pleased with the quality of everything! The lens itself is incredible and takes very wide photos, compared to my 50mm. The one thing I love about this lens is that it is very versatile in that you can take wide shots as well as shots focusing on one subject or a certain part of a subject. For example, I can take landscape photos and take photos of my cat's paws while he's sleeping (super close up). It's a great, cheap, lightweight lens to add to your lens collection.Read full review...

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You better care for this lens!! - BUY it but be careful.

It does have the metalized outer skin but the lens boy is so short that all the gold contacts, on the camera-side attachment, and the plastic of the lens front makes this lens feel like an unboiled egg, until it is attached to the camera..... THEN it is tougher, more rigid and gets absorbed by the girth of my full size camera body with the battery grip.... I love this lens and when or if it gives way to my fears, I will buy another. Unmatched for the price, I use it for my bargain wide angle on my second body or my go to always with me easy to use WYSIWYG video recording lens..... WORTH THE CASH.

oh yeah light wieght with good features.
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Canon EFS 24mm

I purchased this lens just for use in wide field astrophotos of the Milkyway or the sky for that matter. Wide open the corners were too soft with brighter stars showing some "T" shaped coma. But stopped down 1 stop to f/4 the corners were sharp enough for my critical judgment. This lens has very good color correction.

I used this on a mirrorless digital with a Canon specific adapter and manual focus. To set aperture down, place it on a Canon DSLR to take a picture at aperture you want and take a long bulb exposure and remove the lens during exposure. The preset aperture will hold inside the lens. . Even at infinity, the front filter thread part protrudes and you will lose manual focus setting if you place it face down or use the snap on lens cap.

The lens construction is plastic, but well designed and all 4 image corners had nice even star focus. My other Canon lenses are the 200 f/2.8 and the cheap 50mm f/1.8. Both of these need to be stopped down for sharpness and to minimize color aberration. I am glad I purchased this 24mm lens and would do it again. PS, I had it all apart and liked what I saw inside and it still works great after re-assembly. I would love to attach a milkyway photo, but can't find a way to.
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EF-S pancake

I don't know that I'd saucy I flipped over this pancake, but, it definitely is a serious value. It might be worth noting that there is no way to mount a hood, except for the 52mm filter threads on the front element, if that is important to you.
Not that I am a pro, I am not, but I appreciate what this offers: a fast enough consumer level lens with reasonable pricing (I got mine for $100 delivered) offering greater than consumer level performance. This is at the edge of where a polarizing filter might be deemed useful by some, and at this size they are fairly cheap.
The short profile and lightness helps reduce the wariness some folks have, were you to present them with a small bazooka. They seem less intimidated by the pancake. I also have and like the 40mm EF, but the crop sensor makes that effectively a 64mm f4.48 and the minimum focus of just over 6" vs ~12" offers better close-up capabilities.
Once I can afford the insane Sigma 18-35 f1.8, it remains to be seen how much I'll use this. But, the $650-800 package is hard to justify with all the great stuff I am getting this far.
Regardless, this one is a keeper for the long haul.
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Super little lens

On a Canon crop camera its focal length is equivalent to about 38 mm, a moderately wide-angle lens. Small and light-weight, it is easy to carry. Its STM focusing motor mates well with the newer cameras for easy auto-focusing when shooting videos. It is a really good bargain for the price.Read full review...

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Thank you Canon

So I upgraded from my SL1 to a full frame 6D and all my lens went with it. As the full frame only accepts L and EF lens no EF-S as my favorite lens prior was the 24mm. Sadly when I sold my old sl1 it had to go too I was very disappointed as their fitting 24mmL lens' range from $600-$1600 and after spending all the money on the camera I couldnt justify spending that. Its an amazing budget lens. Has an amazingly close marco effect. Great background blur and impressive bokeh. I wouldnt hestiate to buy it again.Read full review...

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Good value! Great size!

This is a great prime lens to keep on your camera. It's not an L lens but it still puts out clear and sharp images. I love the size of this lens. The size is the main reason I purchased it. The STM is fast enough. It's not lightning fast or super quiet but it is quiet and fast enough. More quiet and faster than many many lenses. At 2.8 there is a vignette but it doesn't bother me.Read full review...

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For the price, you can't beat it.

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this lens? For the price, you can't beat it. I do mostly wedding video and use it for the wide static shot, not so much photos. Although I do love the pictures it takes. It is really clean, sharp and does everything I need it to do. It's a winner!Read full review...

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