Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera 4 lenses, 4 batteries, 2 chargers, flashes, grip, etc


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Canon 70D


Canon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM (w/ lens caps)


Canon 50mm  f/1.8 STM (w/ lens caps)


Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 (w/ lens caps, hood and tripod mounting shoe)


Canon 20-35mm EF f/3.5-4.5 lens (w/ caps and hood)


Vivitar 2x Auto Focus Teleconverter


Newmowa Battery (BAT-LPE6-NMW)


Newmowa Rapid USB Charger


Kapaxen AC Adapter and DC Coupler DR-E6 (for continuous plugged in wall outlet power)


Bower Battery (XPDCE6)


Canon Battery Charger LC-E6 (single battery charger)


Battery Grip (XTNG70D)


Canon Speedlite 550EX Flash (does not work, or at least I cannot get it to work)


Bower Flash (SFD728C)


Bigfoot Dexlus Cleaning Kit (never opened)


Lowepro bag


Cable to connect 70D to computer


I mounted the camera on my Manfrotto tripod (not incl in this auction) for the photos in this auction because I thought it would be portrayed best that way. This is not how the camera is or has been stored, but just how I decided to photograph the actual camera in this auction.

The camera is in excellent condition with no issues whatsoever. There are no dents, dings, scrapes or scratches. The LCD screen is in excellent shape and all the pixels there are in pristine shape. There is nothing out of the ordinary with this camera and as a pre-owned piece of equipment this is something you’ll be very proud to own. 

This camera comes with the original box, all papers, CDs, software, packaging, etc. Note: The original packaging for a couple lenses is not included, but I’ll be sure to package everything up super tight in the Lowepro camera bag.

I’ve owned Canon cameras since 1996 and have always purchased the latest and greatest gear, so am very familiar with this camera, its use, etc. As far as quality goes, it’s fantastic. I am most happy about Canon getting face tracking right on the 70D especially when coupled with the 18-135mm IS STM lens. Simply said, it just works. 

My main purpose for this camera was indoor studio related documentary green screen film work. I have done a few documentary style reports with this camera and the quality of the finished pieces were fantastic. Of course, lighting and post production software choices have a lot to do with it, but the results were more than satisfactory. For the purpose of this type of filming I include a DC coupler that will allow you to have constant wall power supplied to the camera so the camera NEVER turns off. When I bought this it was just awesome, and if you use it for this purpose you’ll agree.

As noted, the 550EX Speedlite flash stopped working at some point, and I have invested zero time trying to fix it. I just used the Bower flash in its place and haven’t missed a step. I’m providing the 550EX as part of this auction “As-is” and if it doesn’t work you’ll not be alarmed. But if you’re handy and you get it working, consider it a nice bonus. 

I have never used this camera outdoors and it’s always been stored in a protective bag in an environmentally controlled smoke-free home. 

If you have any questions that I have not answered, feel free to ask and I’ll answer generally within a few hours, and I’ll attach the answers to the auction so others can learn.

I do not ship outside the continental US.

I do not accept returns.

I have done more than 600 auctions since I joined eBay in 1999, and I maintain a 100% rating, so this means you should be totally confident.

I have a total of 25 photos, but eBay somehow limits me to uploading only 12. I am going to try to find a way to upload more, or provide a link to the photos. 



























Fantastic DSLR for video, the only with automatic follow focus

This is my second unit of this model, since I loved the first one and decided to get one more. The camera is easy to use and quite amazing with features. It has excellent video quality and picture photo quality. I love the touch screen. The main reason I got this camera is because it has an automatic follow focus in video. It automatically follows whatever subject you touch on the screen, as the subject moves or as you move around it. If you use one of Canon's new lenses with ultra sonic motor, this focusing action will be silent.
Anyhow, read the manufacturer features to see what it comes with. All I can say is that it is a fantastic camera at a great value. I do professional videos with it.
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Excellent camera and kit lens.

This Canon 70D w/135 kit lens is a beautiful walk around/ travel/ portrait starter DSLR, which you will even keep using after moving up to a full frame (It's that Good!!)The other three lenses are only for tripod use as their weight and no "IS" render them too prone to "shaky-shots" hand held. The bag is not that bad for organizing a few accessories with the main camera. The tripod will be used for studio lights (Get the Selens, it's a GREAT compact tripod / mono-pod), The tiny tripod will obviously not hold the weight of a 70D, but can support the itty-bitty flash to fire remotely from the on camera flash (you can use your cell-phone or a postcard to deflect the "on board" flash to the "slave" All other items are well usable though.Read full review...

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Great camera, extras not so good.

First off the 70d is a great intermediate dslr for the entry level or casual photographer. If you don't already know be aware that this is a crop sensor camera, but it also has the ability to use lenses for full frame cameras as well, just bear in mind that you'll have to multiply the crop factor of 1.6 times whatever the focal length of the lense is, for example a 10mm focal length would translate to about 16mm on a crop sensor. That being said, this camera is very user friendly, I like the handy articulated touch screen a lot, it shoots great videos and the image quality is very good even with the kit lenses, provided you have plenty of light. You might want to strongly consider upgrading from the kit lense in the future if you're planning on getting more serious about your photography. I strongly recommend the canon efs17-55 mm as a good walk-around lense although it's a bit on the heavy side, but the kit lense will do just fine if you're not talking it that serious. The camera is great, but the other items are really cheap, so if that is what's enticing you, let me tell you it's not really worth it. You'll be just fine with the body and the 1 or 2 kit lenses most sellers offer and just purchases some higher quality accessories on your own. Such as tripods, ttl flash etc. I hope this review was of help to you.Read full review...

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Excellent DSLR Camera on any Level

Very pleased with this camera .. got a great deal on a unit barely used. I had planned to get the 80d but the price was to good to pass this one up .. what a great compromise it was without any real compromise at all. It took just a little getting use compared to my T5i that was I was using(now my backup) .. but its a totally different animal, a real beast. The added creative options available allowed my skills to take new directions. I love the feel of it and the build quality. I would different recommend this camera to anyone in the market. I saved a lot of dollars compared to getting that 80dRead full review...


Great Camera

This is a very capable camera that produces astounding quality of images. It's a bit of a beast, with a user's manual to match. But the results are worth the effort required to learn how to get the most out of it. I use it primarily for astro-photography, and I've been able to get some really great images of deep space objects. This is not a camera for a beginner, and neither is it the ultimate camera for the professional, but take the time to learn its capabilities and you'll love the results.Read full review...

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Great first DSLR

I've been in the photography and video realm for a couple years using Point and Shoot products, and I finally decided to step my game up and get a "prosumer" DSLR. This camera shoots amazing photos, even at high ISO settings. The main reason I chose this over some other DSLRs is because it shoots quality video. I shot a short film on two of these cameras, and it handled every scenario possible, including shooting in a light rain drizzle for a couple hours (I put a shower cap over the top with the lens sticking out). Paired with a free 3rd party product (ML) this camera offers all the features of a professional video camera, like RAW video and focus peaking. Focus peaking is found on some other manufacturer's DSLRs, but not Canon, which makes the 3rd party tool an excellent addition.

While there are plenty of shortfalls in video, photos are everything I could ask for.

The ergonomics are well thought out, especially having two separate dials for aperture and shutter speed, allowing me to switch settings fast without taking my eye away from the mirror.
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Excellent product, 100% recommended.

The best option to upgrade from Entry level systems to a more advance, mid range or enthusiastic level.

All the stuff you can find about the Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus sensor is true. You can tell the difference, there is such an amazing improvement in the autofocus system, you can tell it when you shot photos, but you can see it's true power when you are doing videos. Also, with lenses with great Aperture value such as 1,8 where it's hard to get an image in focus, with this camera you don't have that issue anymore.

I shot this entire set using the 70D and setting the aperture value at 1,8 and I didn't have any problems to get the image in focus!

I also tested it with a 18-50 2.8 Tamron len, and it works perfectly! the autofocus system is just amazing on this camera, and once again you can easily tell the improvements with the new Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus sensor. You can check those photos, here:

I'm really happy with this Camera, I recommend it 100%. If you are looking for a mid range or enthusiastic level camera, this is a great option!
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Very Very pleased

Bought this mainly for video purposes... I have the t4i, so this was a great upgrade... In doing my homework,I read up on this camera a lot and watched plenty of you tube, so I had being trying to decide between this and the new rebel t6s... the 70D seemed to have more video controls and functions when videoing and taking pics... also the AF focus tracks a little better, and my sore reason for purchasing, so I decided on spending about 180.00 dollars more for a more durable and better image quality and battery life... I am very pleased with the results... can't stop playing with AF points, touching screen to focus on subjects etc... so many options... going to take a while to get used to all functions, but this will work out good because I do a lot of professional videoing, so this will accommodate along with my other camcorder, mainly used for video and 5.1 sound recording... If you want great tracking without constantly focusing and refocusing, I just leave my lenses on automatic when on manual camera mode, then I can zoom in manually with the lenses... now the stm lenses work a lot better as far as eliminating sounds when focusing, but other L lenses, Prime, and zoom lenses works good too, some struggle with focusing at times, and sounds loud, but other lenses have better picture quality when working with camera functions, so if you can deal with that... this is a great dslr, in automatic or manual mode...probably better than most others.
UPDATE: I love this camera except for my battery life... I believe this is because I use camera in autofocus all the time... I have bought extra batteries and have the grip in which should double battery life... my rebel t4i battery life lasts a lot longer, so I'm afraid when I get in to doing my filming on concerts I usually record, sometimes 2hrs. or more, how will the 70D last.... I have only used this around the house testing conditions here and the batteries just don't last.
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Well designed great camera

I am a user of Canon 7D for 5-6 years. This Canon 70D is an improvement in design in almost every respect. It has just about everything 7D has but it is easier to handle especially due to its smaller dimension and light weight, every important buttons are better organized. I opted to choose 70D instead of 7D Mark II since Mark II got heavier on its already heavy original 7D. (since I am not a safari photographer ruggedness of Magnesium alloy is not a necessity) I feel, unless you are pro-photographer with specific needs of 7D, 5D etc. 70D is the best value for its price until 80D comes along.Read full review...

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Excellent camera, good price ... very close to being professional

The Camera has everything you would expect in a high end Digital SLR. Manual, Shutter, Aperture and a wide array of programmed settings. The CA setting is my favorite with strong and intense color saturation. It has all the settings I desire, some I hadn't used before and the manual settings to create anything I want.

However, what makes this exceptional is the little touches like a level in the viewfinder. Many of my photos are tilted so this saves me lots of post editing. Ease of use includes sub menus and the tilt & rotational screen add a lot of flexibility to the camera use.
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