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by Top favorable review

Best on PS4

Great game. Had it on PC but much more enjoyable on PS4. Ive always been a fan of GTA because the open world maps and GTA V does not disappoint. PS4 version online better response times than PC (probably because PC has way more background data going on than PS4) and also it's nice to play on a TV sitting on the couch rather than a monitor at a desk. I know all that is highly subjective, but for those who don't want to spend time configuring a gaming PC setup in the living room, PS4, as does many consoles still seems to serve the purpose much better than PC. I do wish there was more modding capabilities in console versions, but trade offs right...Read full review...

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by Top critical review

GTA: Meh Edition

It's okay. Like GTA IV, it fails to live up to its pedigree. It's very pretty. The driving is fun and Los Santos is really well planned out. Unfortunately, the gameplay is stale. The story line is pretty much the worst Rockstar has ever delivered. The whole game is you controlling three characters who constantly fail to grow their criminal enterprise, and you, the player, are penalized by never making money for the missions you take them through until the very end. It's an exercise in frustration,a nd proof Rockstar's current devs don't understand the fundamental basics of good game design (INCENTIVIZE activity, don't inhibit or punish it).

GTA Online is a total cesspool. It's the worst online mode of any game I've ever played, and I say that as a gamer who cut his teeth on the Atari 2600 in 1983. It's blatant pay to win, designed so that anyone trying to play without purchasing those silly in-game currency cards for real world money will be hobbled at every turn. It is populated by the worst variety of children who spend the entire time griefing others, speaking in language that would make an inner city gang member cringe, and leaving lobbies so that you fail your group missions by default. Rockstar only "updates" this mode in ways that defend the currency they're trying to sell you, never fixing the broken gameplay mechanics or dealing with the heinous social environment.

Is it worth it for the single player? If you can get it under $20 and can tune out the story, you'll get your money's worth, but not a penny more. Fire up your classic PS2 and play San Andreas instead. You'll be happier in the end.
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Best Grand Theft Auto game ever

This is game is very fun! The graphics are awesome. The gameplay is awesome. The weapons are great. The vehicles are great. Third person camera view and first person camera view are awesome. Everything about the game is great except for the unexpected stuff and dumb idiotic stuff on advertisement radio programs in the game but it's still fun. GTA Online is also fun. Highly recommended.Read full review...

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Solid Game

Graphics are good despite being an almost 5 year old game, and the Single-Player and Multiplayer was jam packed with content.

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Awesome game!

GTA never has been more then its namesake. Become a force to rid your life of joy riding by getting into a story that draws you in & keeps you guessing as to what crazy sh*t I can get into today. I have missed this title since GTA3. Welcome back!Read full review...

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This game GTA - V is one of the best open world gameplay for some time now beautiful cars super storyline and the updated graphics for the PlayStation 4 is superb. The drawback of the game is going into more buildings and when buying property unable enter property. I haven't finished playing the game and I am not sure if I could enter property later on other than that the game is excellent.Read full review...

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Great price, perfect game.

Thank you for the game, tried to save some money and get my son the game he wanted. Best find I have had in a while.

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Just the best

This the best game to ever come out on any platform, anywhere. It's not even fair. GTA V is years ahead of its time.

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Love this game !!

I can't believe I waited so long to buy this game. It's is absolutely amazing and OMG is the map huge. I found out the you could fit the previous 3 GTA's in the area that this game covers. I can't say enough good about it. Buy this game and you wit be disappointed. It's simply amazing!! A++Read full review...

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GTA V review

The single player is one of the most entertaining in all of gaming with a lot of humor and plenty of things to do. Online however, is hard to recommend with it's prevalence of micro-transactions that make it impossible to enjoy yourself without spending large sums of real-world money. If it were a single-player only game, it would easily be 5 stars. Unfortunately, online exists.Read full review...

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Grand Theft Auto V

Best game play has down... Always something new to. Beware this game is addictive and expensive with in app purchases!!

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